Works based in the mythology of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion Examining the narrative of the Fall of the Ñoldor: Exile and the flight from Valinor, the wars and hardships suffered by the exiles in Beleriand, and their fruitless and complex tragedies and triumphs within the narrative of the First Age.

I seek to explore the major events of the story through visual media in a way that is not illustrative but expressive; my preferred style is dreamy, color-driven and dynamic, semi-abstract and emotive. Inprefer to work with acrylic, but often incorporate other media such as ink, chalk pastel and found\mixed media.

The Flight of the Noldor

“The deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song, until the last days of Arda.”

The Fate of the Jewels

“And thus it came to pass that the Silmarils found their long homes: one in the airs of heaven, and one in the fires of the heart of the world, and one in the deep waters.”

The War of the Jewels

Works in Progress