Silwë is an elf-lord of indeterminate age and extremely obvious Noldorin heritage. 

Even among the Calaquendi, Silwë is notably tall, and of slender build as well, with a tendency to wear long, formal, dark robes and cloaks that make him seem taller still; fair of skin and raven-haired. If freed, his dark hair falls to his hips, and is (both when it is loose and when it is plaited or pinned up or bsck) adorned throughout with impossibly tiny cut-crystal beads in the shape of stars, glittering as he moves like starlight caught in his inky black hair—intentionally so, for most of the elaborate jewelry he wears is inspired similarly.

He is missing his right hand from the wrist down, and does not hide this nor does he seem bothered by its absence.

In the way of the Elves, his features seem untouched by age, and a luminous, otherworldly quality plays across his proud features and lights his eyes within, at times unsettling, but undeniably ancient. He despite this seems pleasant more often than not, and is frequently insatiably curious and inquisitive. 

Silwë is erudite and charming, and served as an ambassador to the court of the Elven-king Oropher, and he is also formidable in his ability and drive to acquire and information—the former Ñoldorin warlord once was Makalaurë’s tactical intelligence commander—and he is a master of secrecy. He is at times moody and unpredictable, and at others fey and flirtatious, and yet others pensive and exhausted for he is under his stoic calm heavily burdened by the intensity and depth of his emotions.


A former jewel-smith of Valinor, and follower of Fëanáro into Beleriand, he found himself, eventually, known as Cáno Silwë, a tactical commander who served under Makalaurë (Maglor) during the wars in Beleriand. There is a gap in his story, for he went missing for a quarter century and resurfaced after the Ñoldor attacked Menegroth. He was taken to the hidden city of Gondolin to recover from grievous war-wounds, only to become survivor of its fall. To this day he does not speak of what befell him for the 25 years he was missing, but Cáno Silwë bears scars that speak for him.

There is little said of the happiest years of his life, for they are also the briefest, for in the last years of the First Age, he wed Ainurél, an elleth of Doriath, at the Havens of Sirion. After the sea claimed Beleriand and Morgoth was no more, they chose to become parents together, and welcomed their daughter, Isilimë Siliel. The girl was no older than twenty-five years when Ainurél’s life and that of the unborn son she bore were claimed by the sea, leaving him to raise his young daughter alone. Faced with the loss of her mother and the hostility of her Telerin family, he took Siliel to the court of Oropher in the Woodland Realm, asking that he may raise his daughter among the people of her mother, and in so doing honor her memory. These too were beautiful years, and Siliel remains very close to her father to this day.

In these days, he is known for having the honour of being named a Master Jewel-smith of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, to those who remember the lost kingdom of Eregion and the Noldorin jewel-crafters who dwelt, taught, and worked there before it too was lost to treachery and the mist of time.

Many other places has Silwë called home, but he was called to stand a last time in service to the Ñoldor during the the war now known as the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, which cost both the Ñoldor and the Wood-elves dearly; he returned in grief thereafter to Lindon (where long ago he had wed and built a home at the seaside which still stands in good repair) and spent much of the early Third Age mourning those who were lost, and that which was lost.

He currently resides in Imladris, the last of the Master Jewel-smiths of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain to dwell there, and perhaps one of the last on this side of the Sea.


Fluent: Noldorin Quenya (Valinorean & Exilic), Common Quenya, Sindarin, Ancient Eldarin
Conversational: Westron/Common, Nandorin, Telerin, Avarin
Write/Read/Translate: Black-speech

Silwë natively speaks Ñoldorin Quenya as a native language, which may be surprising to those who have learned it as a matter of academia or art/poetry—his is the language of the Nobility but also of craftsmen and soldiers.

In other Elvish languages it is noticeable that he speaks with a notable but slight accent, though he tries to mask it as well as he can—when he does not, it is clear to those who would know, that he speaks with the recognizable accent of the Ñoldor of Aman.

Silwe speaks Westron rarely and has a very noticeable and unusual accent when he speaks it. Though he understands it fluently, he learned by way of formal communication—in short, it is archaic and often seems silly.

The Short Version

Who is Silwë?

An ancient and complicated Noldorin elf-lord, master jewel-smith and former head of the Ñoldor CIA. Husband to Ainurel of Doriath and father of Isilime Siliel. Kinslayer. “Ultimate goth daddy,” as someone said.

What does Silwë look like?

Height: 7’0″
Build: Slender
Hair: Black, hip length
Eyes: Silver/Grey
Complexion: Fair
Demeanor: Intense, Charming, Inscrutable, Changeable


  • 6 delicate earrings along the edge of each ear
  • An elegantly engraved wedding band on the first finger of his hand, which is notably and uniquely golden and leaf-adorned amidst his constellation of silvery celestial jewelry.
  • A small pendant made of a smooth grey sea-pebble and poor quality silver ring, obviously hand-made, hang from a thin mithril chain.
  • An iron, circular medallion upon his chest or wrap, depicting the Star of Fëanor. It is engraved with Tengwar which, in Quenya, reads: “The deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song, until the last days of Arda“