Our fingers brushed and fates entwined,
In our breathless joy chose to believe we,
This unlikely union, spoke hope into being
Darkness could never lurk in our shared light

We made a vow, together, two strange souls
Who felt like a thrilling ride or a warm fire
Promised to bring into existence love itself
And keep it here, safely bound by our vow.

Intoxicated by the romance and magic
Of youthful passion, the glamor of the dusk,
Starry twilit night after night whispering
To each other the story that would be ours.

Still in love with the idea of being in love
And knowing no one has ever felt as we do
We mismatched perfectly paired souls,
United, fate written in each other’s eyes.

And then, the the ending we deserved,
A quiet, broken-hearted but unbroken finish
Holding hands as we weeping mourn the
Story we so truly wished was ours.

A solemn end, the gentle shutting of a book.
A hearth grown chill, and the room solemn.
Brushing our fingertips together a last time
Like the first, bookends for our almost love.

The dawn’s edge should have parted us,
Let us look upon each other a last time
And whisper promises to never forget
What we wished we had, in the twilight.

We would have lived then, sad and alone
richer having broken our hearts together
And returned to our life, and in the end…
We would have lived.